If you’re a merchant, these articles tell you how to respond to requests for quotes, so you can get more orders from using QuoteMyGoods. Select a title to read more.

How to submit quotes

Sending in quotes is so easy with QuoteMyGoods.  You only need to sign in to your dashboard and see all your quotes there waiting for you response

We’ll send you a notification an email to let you know you have a quote request for a project in your area.

In the email you’ll be given details of the supplies and quantities needed, and the date by which the trader needs quotes.

All you need to do is:

  •  Log into your dashboard
  • Click on ‘Quotes’, ‘View Quotes’ then fill in the prices.
  • Press send

Simply type in your unit prices, delivery costs, and any comments you want to add. QuoteMyGoods will do the rest.

We’ll add your quote to the trader’s project so it can be compared at a glance with other quotes sent in. And we’ll flag it up if it’s the best price, so you stand the best chance of winning the business.

We don’t need to tell you that the early bird catches the worm, but do bear this in mind: traders won’t receive quotes that you send in after the date they’ve set.

So, if you want to shift that stock or lose those end-of-line materials, it’s best to snap to it!

Note: you can also submit prices into your product page within your dashboard which gives a instant quote reply and stays in the system for future quotes and can be updated at any time whenever you sign in to QuoteMyGoods.

Now find out about what happens when a quote is accepted.

What happens when a quote is accepted

Traders can see and compare all quotes submitted to QuoteMyGoods, then accept the ones they want. If your quote was successful, QuoteMyGoods will send you a confirmation email and will contact you to make payment directly. Once payment is made QuoteMyGoods will then contact the customer directly to arrange delivery or collection.

And that’s it: we charge a small % of the total spend to the contractor-trader so its totally free for the merchant to use.