If you’re a contractor or trader, these articles will help you set up and work with projects, and show you how to get quotes from merchants. Click the titles to read more.

Working with quotes

You’ll need to start a project to send out for quotes. You can do that from the Projects screen first, or when you’re putting together a quote.

You can add as many quotes as you like for each project to get prices for materials and supplies you need.

You can save quotes as you go – so you can add or remove materials from the list, change quantities or add comments.

Once you’ve sent out the quote to merchants, you’ll need to add a new quote for any further materials or changes to quantities.

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Working with projects

It’s easy to set up and manage your projects.

Select ‘Projects’ in the main menu on the left. You’ll see a list of all your projects with the post code, a link to view quotes, and total savings.

If you want to check or create a quote for an existing project, simply click ‘View quotes’ next to its name.

To start a new project, you just need to enter a few basic details:

  • Project name – give your projects a friendly description like ‘2-storey extension’ or ‘Oak Grange development’
  • Post code – put the postcode for where the project is. This is needed to find merchants local to the job for sending out quotes to.
  • By when? – Give merchants a time limit to respond. That will help you get your own estimate out to your customer fast and stand a better chance of getting the work.

Choosing merchants to get quotes from

  • QuoteMyGoods finds the nearest merchants for you. All you have to do is select them from the list.
  • QuoteMyGoods lists merchants within delivery range of where your project is.
  • QuoteMyGoods will also suggest merchants who are within a certain radius of your project postcode.

Simply select all the merchants you want to get quotes from. It all helps you to get the keenest prices and make more money on your jobs.

To add other merchants of your own,just choose ‘Add a new merchant’ and fill out a few basic details when you’re putting your quote together. We’ll add them to the database so they’ll be listed next time.

How to send out for quotes

Sending out for quotes is really easy with QuoteMyGoods.

Step 1: Add a quote to an existing project (or start a new project when you’re putting the quote together

Step 2: Make a list of the supplies and quantities selecting from your product page.

Step 3: Choose the merchants you want to get quotes from. (You can choose from our suggested merchants as well as those you’ve added yourself.)

Step 4: Send out your quote. Every merchant you selected will get an email to send in their prices, with the date you want them in by.

As quotes come in, we’ll add them to your quotes page and figure out the best price for you. We’ll also update your dashboard amd when you sign back in, you’ll be able to link to your quotes from there.

How to compare and choose quotes

QuoteMyGoods makes it quick and easy to compare and choose the best quotes for any project.

Your dashboard menu strip shows you how many new quotes you’ve received. Just select ‘View My Quotes’ for details. Or choose ‘Quotes’ in the main menu on the left.

You’ll see all quotes listed by its name, number of items and status. Select a project name to see all quotes for that project.

From there you can quickly compare overall quotes from different merchants and drill down into the details of their prices. And we’ll pick out the best price for each item for you, and tot up the money you’ll save*.

All you need to do is select the ‘Accept Quote’ button to get the best prices on every item.

If you want, you can swap items or remove them before accepting any quote. It just gives you the flexibility to choose who you want to go with for what.

As soon as you accept any quotes, you will be given payment details to pay the total amount to QuoteMyGoods. Once payment is made you will receive an email confirming the order and then QuoteMyGoods will contact the merchant to arrange delivery or collection.

* Cost-savings shown are based entirely on information submitted by merchants. We calculate your savings on the difference between the highest and lowest prices for each item excluding delivery costs. QuoteMyGoods is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or any decisions you make based on it. Make sure you read all the legal info under Terms & Conditions.