These articles help you to know what you can do with QuoteMyGoods whether you’re a contractor, trader or a merchant – and why it’s great for everyone in the trade! Use these links to read each article.

What is QuoteMyGoods?

QuoteMyGoods is an online quoting service for the building trade, with built-in price comparison to help contractors, traders and merchants get the best deals. Instead of comparing off-the-shelf prices from builders’ merchants, it lets contractors and traders compare quotes from different merchants for specific jobs.

QuoteMyGoods is a low-cost service charging a small % of all transactions.

It’s good for contractors and builders because … you can get the best prices available just when you need them, without having to trek around yards or make a load of phone calls.

It’s good for merchants because … it’s so quick and easy, and you can put in your best price to shift end-of-lines or a competitive bid to help win new customers.

How to get started

Signing up with QuoteMyGoods takes just a minute.

  1. Set up your account.
  2. Confirm your registration.
  3. Start making more money on jobs.

Set up your account

Select Sign up at the top of the home page, then choose whether you’re a trader or a merchant. You’ll only need to enter your name, email address and the name of your firm. Choose a password, and a QuoteMyGoods ‘handle’ name – and away you go.

Confirm your registration

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll get an email from us with a link in. Click the link in that email to activate your account. Then you can sign in and get started with QuoteMyGoods. You can update your profile and details about your business in the Account section. You will pay a % of all transactions.

Get Started

Just click on ‘Get started’. You’ll then be taken to your dashboard where you’ll be able to see activity and financial summaries on the projects and quotes you’ve got going on. Read the help articles about Trader Dashboard and the Merchant Dashboard for more info.

The first time you sign in, you won’t have any activity to look at. If you’re a trader you can set up your first project. If you’re a merchant it is completely free and you’ll soon see requests for quotes coming in. There’s more info on this in:

Help with Projects (for Traders)
Help with Quotes (for Merchants)

How QuoteMyGoods works

QuoteMyGoods is really simple, quick and easy to use. It puts contractors, building traders and merchants in touch with each other to get the best quotes on materials for building projects.

Contractors and traders choose the materials they need for particular projects from the wide range of products listed. Then choose which merchants they want to get quotes from. QuoteMyGoods pings an email to each merchant.

Then the merchants sign in and quote for supplying materials by submitting their prices into their dashboard and within their products page. This not only gives instant return quotes but it will always show prices to contractors & traders requesting quotes within the merchants delivery radius even if a merchant has not been chosen to quote.

We ask merchants to put in their best price or their usual price. We can then show the trader how much they’re saving. QuoteMyGoods works out which are the best deals and puts them in order.

The contractor or trader chooses who he wants to go with for which materials, and makes payment to QuoteMyGoods who then notifies the merchants. QuoteMyGoods then sorts out delivery/collection with the merchant on behalf of the contractor

Once you have chosen your products, the payment made to QuoteMyGoods includes a small % fee of the total cost.

Why you should use QuoteMyGoods

There are two great reasons to use QuoteMyGoods: convenience and cost.That means you can try us out for as long as you like (up to a point!) before parting with a penny.  There’s more info on this in Help for Account Settings.
Who can use QuoteMyGoods?
There are two great reasons to use QuoteMyGoods: convenience and cost.As a trader you save time because you only have to choose your materials once from the products page to get quotes from as many merchants as you want. That means it’s easier to compare new merchants with your usuals, to get the best deals every time. What’s more, you can see how you’re saving* and should make back the cost of service fee many times over on most jobs.If you’re a merchant it’s the quickest and easiest way yet to shift end-of-lines and other stock at competitive prices, and pick up new customers into the bargain. You’ll get an email every time someone wants a price from you, and be able to click straight through to QuoteMyGoods to put in your quote, no messing about.

* Based on information provided by merchants. See full Terms and Conditions for details

About the Trader dashboard

The dashboard is the first page you see every time you sign in to QuoteMyGoods. There won’t be much to see when you first start. But the info will build up the more you use QuoteMyGoods.

The dashboard is your control panel and does four main things:

  1. Shows you the money you’re saving with QuoteMyGoods – The menu strip at the top shows a total of your savings* to date, and how much you saved on the last project. There’s also a handy graph of how your savings have totted up over each month.
  2. Lets you get into each project details or start a new project – Select ‘Go to my projects’ to view and edit details of each project. Or you can click ‘View all Projects’ to get an overview. To start a new project, you can either go from “Create a new quote” above the menu strip or “Projects” in the left menu.
  3. Summarises activity on your quotes – In the menu strip at the top you’ll see how many quotes have been sent in. – Just select “Go to my quotes” to view details and choose the best price.
  4. Tells you the current status of quotes on each of your projects Your active projects are detailed below the graph. You’ll see the amount of the lowest quote received so far, and how many quotes you’ve had in. You can also use the left menu to get to lists of your quotes, projects and merchants. There’s also a panel on the right summarising your own recent activity on QuoteMyGoods.

Find out more about what you can do in Help with Projects.

* Remember: This is based entirely on information submitted by merchants. QuoteMyGoods is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or any decisions you make based on it. Make sure you read all the legal info under Terms & Conditions.

About the Merchant dashboard

The dashboard is the page you see whenever you sign in to QuoteMyGoods. Within this you will see “Quotes” in you control panel for submitting quotes and seeing how much business you’re making through QuoteMyGoods and “Materials” that takes you to your products page where you can submit prices that sends instant quotes when you show up in the contactors dashboard within your set radius of the project postcode.

Displays a summary of sales performance The menu strip at the top shows the total value of successful quotes you’ve made through QuoteMyGoods. And a reminder of how much you made on the last successful quote.

This gives you an instant snapshot of how competitive you are compared to other merchants in your area.

It also shows the percentage of unsuccessful quotes. This makes it easy to compare business you’ve won with business that went elsewhere.

Tells you how many quotes you’ve been asked for. On the right of the menu strip at the top is a number showing how many quotes you’ve been asked to submit by traders who use QuoteMyGoods. It’s a bit of a barometer of how your business is performing in the local area.

There’s a handy graph below to show how your revenue has grown with using QuoteMyGoods.

There’s also a panel to tell you of any recent activity on your QuoteMyGoods account.

We will automatically send you an email whenever a trader wants you to send in a quote. Even if the contractor does not choose you to quote on the project, if you have submitted your prices onto your products page and the project is within your radius, your prices will be shown and you will be notified. To submit your quote, if you have not submitted prices into your products page, simply reply within your dashboard.

Find out more about what you can do in Help with Quotes.