QuoteMyGoods gets you the best deals going on building materials and supplies. It makes it quicker and easier for contractors and builders to compare quotes from merchants in their area. And to choose the best deals online. Builders save money. Merchants shift more of their stock. And everyone makes more profit on their jobs. It’s a win-win for everyone in the trade.

How it works for contractors and traders

QuoteMyGoods costs next-to-nothing and is dead-easy to use. It’ll get best prices on building materials for each job and compare them for you. So you can see online straight away what you’re saving, and choose the best prices to go with. Sign up now and see for yourself.

Contractors – Creating an account

Contractors – Requesting quotes

How it works for merchants

QuoteMyGoods makes it easier to shift end-of-lines and pick up new trade customers for no effort. Just enter a few details to be on the suppliers list and get quote requests automatically by email. Reply by putting in your best price or, by submitting your prices onto your products page within you dashboard, you provide instant quotes and chances are you’ll win the order. Nice and easy, job done. Sign up for a merchant account.

Merchants – Creating an account

Merchants – Submitting a quote

Don’t know what materials you need? We can help.

QuoteMyGoods also offers a quantification service. We will quickly convert your plans into an accurate materials order, and then help you source the best prices for the materials from local merchants, saving you more time and money. To find out more email us on info@quotemygoods.com.